About the Boutique

May B. Chic is an online boutique catering to the modern woman making her way through the world, finding herself and her purpose without breaking the bank. It’s a place she will find herself frequenting to find quality clothing and accessories at attainable prices. May B. Chic helps women feel incredibly chic with its sophisticated and classic, yet playful pieces… perfect for the everyday girl on the go! Whether she’s busy in the office, out for coffee, staying in or out on the town, May B. Chic always has her dressed in the best.

About the Founder

May B. Chic is the creation of founder May B. After graduating from CSULB with a degree in fashion merchandising, May B. set out to find her place in the fashion world. Having worked in the industry from age 13, the idea of owning a boutique was always on the forefront of May's mind. After a few years in the professional world she felt there was a lack of authenticity when it came to boutiques and letting one express themselves in a community. May has always wanted to create a place of community that combines the love of fashion, empowerment and self-love to help those around her. May B. Chic is the currated efforts of a woman finding herself in the world and wanting to help other women find themselves too. Through the love and expression of self in fashion, May B. Chic is the place you can truly be yourself and be encouraged to love the moment you are in.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to encourage, inspire, nurture and motivate you through fashion, fun and self love!