An Introduction: Who the heck is May B.?

May B. Shop Owner
(It's me!)

Hey there, babes!

I am so excited that you are here! I wanted to take a little time to introduce myself to you and the brand that has become my baby. Through the process of creation and collaboration with some beautiful souls I have learned so much and cannot wait to share with you the end results, May B. Chic.

So let's begin!

My name is May, aka May B. I am 26 years old (turning 27 in a few days, ah!) and I am a Bay Area, California girl born and raised. I won’t get too detailed in this post but I want to give you a little idea of who I am and why I am here.

I have been in love with fashion since before I can remember. My grandmother taught me how to sew when I was very young. This truly shaped my love for clothes and all things involving fashion. She remains my inspiration and motivation to do and be my best in every aspect. Helping me see the beauty that is in everything God created, and made me want to share that with the world in my own way. I thank her for instilling my love of fashion in me from such a young age!

My history with fashion goes deeper still. As I look back on my 26 short years I can see a revolving pattern that always holds fashion close to my heart. I was a teen model/actress and went to school for fashion merchandising at CSULB. This all led me to where I am now.

A little work/personal history:

After college I worked for a boutique owner in the Bay Area, who owned 5 stores and I learned from the ground up how to run a business. I then decided I needed more stability and to be closer to my then boyfriend, now husband (Mike), so I quit and moved back down south. I found myself in an assistant sales rep position, which I loved at first. Unfortunately I quickly grew to dislike the company and how things ran. I felt mentally exhausted every day, would not want to go to work and couldn’t stand to see the owner of the company. I was already looking for positions to change career paths when I was let go due to sales moving to New York. I was devastated at first because I wasn’t ready to leave yet, as I hadn’t found a new job, but in the end it was the best thing that happened to me.

A week after I was let go, my fiancé’s company went out of business overnight. We were both jobless, engaged, filled with anxiety/worry and had bills to pay. However, God is good and even though we thought we’d have to move in with my family up North, a week later I was hired as an assistant buyer at another company and started a week after that. It just goes to show you that we plan and God laughs, but He always will show you a way that is better than you could imagine.

I started my new career and fell absolutely in love with it. My boss is the most amazing mentor and friend I needed so badly at that time in my life. She was very understanding about the time off I needed for our wedding and the time I needed when it came to honoring my dad’s passing. I am forever grateful that our paths crossed. About a little after a year into this role the tides changed. I started to feel out of place, it was hard to go to work every day. My anxiety/panic attacks returned and I no longer felt at home in my workplace.

I held on for a really long time before realizing I am in control of my life and can change how I react/see things. So I took control of my life and began (again) the process of owning my own boutique. I have been working on this passion project for years, but never had the confidence to truly lean into it. So I finally chose to lean in and bet on my abilities and myself. I have always known I wanted to own my own boutique one day, and I have finally made it a reality for myself.

The Vision:

Initially, starting this process was incredibly terrifying. I wasn’t confident that I knew what I was doing even when I’ve seen how to grow/own a boutique from the ground up. But everything clicked when I realized I wanted it to be more than JUST a boutique, I want this to be a place of compassion, understanding, and safety with the fun that is fashion.

The concept and creation of May B. Chic came to me while brainstorming with one of my dear friends. I always knew I wanted to own a boutique and to connect with women all over, but I just didn't know how. Not until I truly was able to sit down and write out what I wanted. Then May B. Chic was born. 

Creating something that inspires, nurtures, and allows someone to be who they are where they are in their life has been a challenge. Trying to stay authentic, real, raw, emotional and accepting of everything that comes my way through this process has led me to believe anything is possible. I want to encourage and help others to understand that they are okay to be where they are, that they don't have to continuously look for acceptance, because you are accepted and loved here. I want to meet you where you are and help you along the way. I have never experienced such a space myself and that is why I desire to create it.

The true question is how do you do that? How does one go about making a safe and accepting place? That’s where the blog comes in. If I can share my experiences, be vulnerable and tell my truths through my boutique platform, maybe, just maybe, this will create that space and help others do the same. My desire is to create a community of support and love that meet young women where they are at in their lives, always accepting them and helping them grow without yelling it at them.

So many brands will become TOO focused on growth of their girl and yell at them what they SHOULD be. But I want to focus on where we are at, accepting it and going from there. I believe that you are exactly where you need to be, whether it looks like it or not. I believe that it’s okay to not have it all figured out, to not have your life together and it’s okay to accept yourself where you are. I feel that if we can understand this about ourselves and others it creates room for becoming better women and helping other women be themselves and create themselves, without all that other bullsh** in the way.

I will be the first person to tell you that I am not perfect. I make tons of mistakes, I am not tech savvy and I am very blonde, but all of that is OKAY! I am here to share with you my experiences, open up the floor to new experiences and above all create a great accepting and loving brand. To be genuine, honest and true is the number one goal. Through fashion and a blog I will be such with you.


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I loved to read your story. Best of luck!

Bahar Patel January 12, 2022

Love this!!!

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