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Working from home has its ups and downs. To get dressed up and look good for your zoom meeting? Or to roll out of bed and turn the video off and microphone on? Decisions, decisions! 

I know for me lately it's been the latter of the two. Having motivation to get myself up, dressed, makeup on, and putting my best foot forward has been a huge struggle. Suffering from anxiety/depression doesn't assist in motivating either. So in order to get out of this funk I have decided it is a priority to get dressed and ready like I am going into the office. The difference in my mood is ten fold. I am more productive, get out of the house to take walks more and over all just happier. Keeping some sign of routine in your life during stay at home orders, wfh and in general has been proven to help immensely. So I urge you, if you're in a hard place, can't seem to get motivated, take this small step to enhance your mental and emotional health. 

I know the trend is cozy/casual/lounge. But I don't believe that working from home means you have to always be in yoga pants/sweats and tank tops. Trust me... I am a HUGE lover of lounge, hubby always complains I have too many sweats/mom sweaters. But there are always comfy chic outfits you can substitute to lift your mood! 

So here are some of my favorite outfits that have been helping make me feel more like me:

  • Dresses - easy, simple, and just beautiful. Some of my go to dresses are linked here and here and here. I couldn't just choose one ;) they're all so good! 
  • Lounge bottoms with a cute top so you can still look on top of it all in your video meetings. Make sure to do your hair and makeup to feel like you're in the office. 
  • Cozy cardigan, lace tank, and stretchy jeans are a go-to easy outfit that makes you feel dressed up when you're really not! I'll also switch up my watch band game after my morning workout to feel more dressy. Plus it's fun to match your outfit to your band
Working from home is a blessing in disguise. So embrace it and keep on keeping on darling. Share your working from home outfits in the comments below, would love to hear about how you are keeping yourself motivated and happy during wfh and this crazy world we live in.

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