Date Nights In

Although things are starting to open up around the states, things are changing daily and it's important to learn how to make date nights special on a budget. With all the uncertainty we know one thing is certain and that is our love for one another. So if you have that special someone in your life hold on to that, and change it up from time to time! Ballin' on a budget doesn't have to be boring ;) 

Here are a few date night ideas that hubs and I have found to be tried and true.

  1. Homemade Pizza & Movie Night - we LOVE a good pizza. I am consistently attempting Keto or Paleo so my favorite cheat day is pizza night. We will get the Trader Joe's herb pizza dough and sauce/toppings and each make our own individual pizzas, pick a movie we want to watch and drink some wine, it makes for a grand old time! 
  2. Picnic & Walk on the Beach - pack up your favorite foods, grab a blanket, a light jacket and you're set. We have an adorable picnic basket Mike's mom got us as a gift and we love it. If you don't have a beach near go to any scenic area you can lay out a blanket and relax/enjoy the scenery and one another's company. 
  3. Spa Night - although he may not admit it, my man loves a good facial. For "spa night" we'll give one another facials, take a bath and light some candles. We love us some good fuzzy robes. 
  4. Binge watch a Reality TV show & Order In - some of our faves include: Holy Moley, The Bachelorette/Bachelor, Big Little Lies, Too Hot to Handle, Songland and MANY more. These are the shows we won't watch without one another! 
  5. Make breakfast for dinner - do you love breakfast in bed?  SAME. But I like it for dinner to make it a little more special. Lounge around, light some candles, make chocolate chip pancakes and enjoy yourself and one another! 

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