Behind The Scenes of May B. Chic

Behind The Scenes:

The first photo shoot we did for MBC was the most exciting, whirlwind experience I have had in years. For once everything was about what I wanted, how I saw things and what direction I wanted to go in. It was really intimidating! For someone who is used to being the assistant, putting others before myself and shy to say what I want, it was a true challenge. But thankfully I was able to rise to it!

I spent days and nights researching the “perfect” studio, the “perfect” clothes, the “perfect” model. But you know what? There is no such thing as perfect.

My perfectionism was holding me back. I couldn’t make a decision and I kept delaying and delaying the shoot and product. So what did I do? I chose what spoke to me and did my best not to second-guess or question my decisions and in the end it was the best thing I ever did.

Everything came out better than I could’ve imagined. I knew that this would be a really important decision for how it all came together to help me launch the site and I am so very grateful I put my perfectionism aside to let things flow.

I am even more grateful for the women who helped me put this vision into action. Meet them below:

 Meet the photographer:

Marissa Vickers is the photographer that made these gorgeous shots possible. I have known her for a few years through one of my best friends and have worked with her previously. She always gets the shot, deals with my constant annoying texts, and truly helps me bring this vision to life. Without her none of this would’ve been possible. I can’t imagine having worked on this with anyone else, it is so close to my heart and she took that very seriously.

Meet the model:


Meet the model:

Julianna Morse is a gorgeous gal who I had the pleasure of getting to know from Marissa. She is by far one of the best models I have ever worked with. With her gorgeous smile, easygoing attitude and flawless modeling skills I am so happy to have her be the model I went with for the launch.

Meet the makeup & hair artist:

Janelle Detina is the hair and makeup artist I met through Facebook. In a crazy world where you can meet some real kooks from the internet I surprisingly felt right at home talking with her about the vision and hired her immediately. She executed both Juliana and my look flawlessly.

Michael Swetech

Meet the help:

Michael, aka Mike, aka HUBBY, decided to tag along and help me with whatever was needed. From carrying sample bags up and down floors to cars, to helping steam and package/unpack items, he was essential! He also had the all-important job of keeping us all hydrated, caffeinated and on track. He didn’t really know how the whole photo shoot thing worked and was a great learner. I am very grateful for his support.

The Shoot:

day of the shoot

I chose a location in downtown Los Angeles that spoke to me as a person and what I wanted my brand to be. I then went to the fashion market and chose all the items you see up on the site. I spent the night before going to pick the product plotting out my budget, the items I was most interested in, how the “stories” would flow and whether or not something was essential to the launch.

Once I had all the products, one of my best gal friends, Caitlin, came over and helped me style each outfit. This was one of my favorite parts of the whole process.

After everything was put in garment bags and ready to go the night before I drove to LA to stay at a location close to the studio. Hair and makeup started at 5 am and from there it was go time! I met up with Marissa and set up all products and I started as the model. Once Julianna was in full makeup and hair I let her do the rest! It was four hours of fast outfit changes and over 3000 photos. We had a blast and it was so easy to work with these amazing women. 

It was an amazing experience and I am so grateful for how it all played out and the support these women (+Mike) have given me through this process. I cannot wait to create more for you all and meet other amazing people through these experiences.

Stay Chic! 


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